PR & Marketing


We make your PR & Marketing reach out and grab an audience!

Public relations and marketing go hand in hand.

From talking to the media to making a promotion come to life -

We do it all for you!

PR - Public Relations

  • Press releases - professional and effective - we've sent hundreds
  • Media relations to make you look good
  • Speech writing and presentations
  • Community involvement - consult on ways to get your name out


What's your message? Does it work for the target you're trying to reach?

We can:

  • Conduct focus groups to determine how best to reach your desired market
  • Create an image that conveys the "real" product or service you offer
  • Develop brochures and other "collateral" - so every page counts to get your message remembered
  • Produce advertising and handle media placement - we'll consult with you on the best way to use your $$$ - and it might be by not spending the money!
  • Manage events - Conferences, meetings, parties, promotions - from hiring the caterer to making sure everything runs like clockwork - we're there for you!
  • Coordinate the overall marketing campaign and all of the details - so you don't have to!


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